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    Private Mortgage Kingston & Cornwall

    Private mortgages are loans offered by private lenders. They are short-term, interest only loans that range in length from 1 to 3 years.
    Private lenders have realized that the conservative lending policies adopted by banks and other financial organizations may exclude individuals who can pay back loans but do not show favorable financial positions. These lenders take into account a property’s overall worth and marketability, instead of a borrower’s credit history. This makes them an ideal choice for most borrowers.

    Benefits of private mortgages:

    Private mortgages benefit individual who are:

    • Self-employed
    • Foreign investors
    • Applicants who are rebuilding their credit
    • Applicants who owe taxes that are in arrears
    • Anyone looking to flip a property
    • Looking for equity for other ventures like starting a business

    The application for these mortgages also happen to be quick and hassle-free.

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    How to apply for a private mortgage?

    You can research, approach and meet with private lenders the same way you would with traditional. The application process is open and transparent, and can be discovered through word of mouth or by searching the internet.
    Each lender will have their own stipulations and regulations. So, it may take you time to find the right one.
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