Unsecured Loan
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  • Capital funding for a new business venture
  • An emergency repair to your home or car.
  • Finance a wedding.
  • And much more.

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Regardless of whether you want a first-time home purchase or are trying to refinance your current loan, we’re here to help you!


We understand that financial situations and credit scores can vary. That is why we employ a flexible approach to each individual client.


Thanks to our refinancing and home equity loan programs you’ll be able to have the control of your finances!

What is Unsecured Loan?

At 1ONEFUND financial, we offer a range of loan options including unsecured fixed-rate loans. An unsecured loan is one that is not tied to collateral such as your home equity. This means that you can qualify even if you don’t own a home.

You may be wondering whether you credit is going to be good enough in order for you to qualify for an unsecured loan. The good news is that your credit doesn’t have to be perfect. While good credit is typically more of a factor in an unsecured loan than a secured loan, it is still possible to get an unsecured loan even if you have had credit issues in the past. This is particularly true if the loan is short-term.

As a private lender, 1ONEFUND financial has more flexibility when it comes to granting loans than more traditional lenders do. Traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions have strict guidelines that take into account credit scores, income and many other factors.

When we qualify for you for an unsecured loan, the 1ONEFUND team is able to look at the bigger picture which means that you’ll have a greater chance of being approved.

Why consider Unsecured Loan?

Pay Off
Pay Off Dept
Investment Opportunity
Business Financing
Business Financing
Auto Financing
Increase Cash Flow
Pay Off Bankruptcy

Repair your credit with an unsecured loan!

One common reason why people get unsecured loans is to repair their credit. By consolidating all their high-interest debt into one lower payment, you can get out of debt faster and start repairing your credit score.

If you need cash or if you need to consolidate high-interest debt, contact 1ONEFUND Financial today and ask us about getting an unsecured loan. A member of our team will be happy to work with you to help you get the money you need!

Contact 1ONEFUND Financial today!

If you are considering a Unsecured Loan, the team at 1ONEFUND Financial would love to help. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation with one of our mortgage experts.

Who We are

1ONEFUND Financial Group Ltd is one of Ontario’s leading mortgage brokerages specializing in properties and areas that are overlooked by traditional institutions and lenders. With offices and agents right across Ontario, we work hard to ensure you get the mortgage you deserve with the best possible rates and terms for your situation. Over the course of our 16 years experience in the mortgage industry, we have developed strong relationships with dozens of lenders, and we have the expertise to match you with the right lender to meet your mortgage needs.

We specialize in a number of niche areas including lending on rural, agricultural and vacant land. Our knowledgeable agents will walk you through every step of the process from advising you on the type of mortgage you should be seeking right up until the signing of the final paperwork. Contact us today and experience that 1ONEFUND Financial difference!

Testimonials & Reviews


After being denied so many times on my refinance applications, I found 1ONEFUND. Their team got back to me with an offer within a week. They offered me an excellent rate that wasn’t comparable to other companies I had contacted. I would definitely deal with them again. Excellent service!


1ONEFUND team, thank you so much for all the help you provided! My family is really excited to be getting the keys to our new condo. Your pre-approval process was awesome. Your guidance as well as your service helped me save a lot of money. I will keep recommending you guys to all of my friends and family.


They always go above and beyond to help you out. We had a great experience with 1ONEFUND and highly recommend their services. It was a wonderful experience working with them for my mortgage renewal.

Lukie Ferguson

I had a very pleasant experience working with 1ONEFUND. They were quick and efficient. Their team guided me and provided the best option for my situation. I would highly recommend doing business with them.