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How a Mortgage Agent in Oshawa Can Save You Money

Many residents living in Oshawa, when they need a mortgage or a mortgage product such as a second mortgage or HELOC head straight for their bank. And while we do understand that they may feel quite comfortable doing this, it is frustrating to see so many people leaving so much money on the table. If they had only visited a mortgage agent in Oshawa, they could have saved a lot of money!

How can a mortgage broker in Oshawa save you money? There are many ways, but here are some of the most common.

  1. They help you get the best rate on a mortgage. Shopping around for mortgages on your own is not only a lot of work, but it can also be damaging to your credit. If you go to five different lenders to get rates, each one will run a credit check and each time a credit check is run it temporarily lowers you credit score. A mortgage broker in Oshawa however has access to dozens of lenders and they can compare rates for you while only running one credit check.
  2. They can make sure you get the right type of mortgage. Did you know that getting the wrong type of mortgage for your situation can end up costing you money if you discover it too late and want to switch? When you consult with a professional mortgage broker, they will evaluate your situation and recommend the right type of mortgage for you the first time.
  3. They can help you consolidate high interest debt. If you have high interest credit cards or other debt, your mortgage agent can be your best friend. Your mortgage broker has access to a range of strategies that can help you lower debt interest enabling you to have increased cash flow and to pay off your debts more quickly.
  4. They can help you with mortgage renewals. When your mortgage comes up for renewal, you will most likely get a notice from your lender with a new offer. But chances are you can do better than that offer if you speak to your mortgage agent first. Remember, the better interest rate you can get on your mortgage, the faster you can pay off your home!

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